The Symposium is conducted worldwide in more than 25 zones. It helps children learn about Sikh history, culture, and philosophy. There is a local competition for the children at the local Gurdwaras. The top two winners in each group compete at the zonal level with the winners from other Gurdwaras within the zone.

The winners of the zonal competition are invited to compete at the International level in their respective age groups. The international competition is conducted during the last week of July each year and is hosted by different Gurdwaras around the world.

Further details regarding the Symposium can be found in the documents below:

 2024 International Participants
2024 Order of Presentation
2024 Symposium Announcement
2024 Symposium Enrollment Form
Time Keeping Procedure
Group 1 Score Sheet_
Group 2 Score Sheet_
Group 3 Score Sheet_
Group 4 Score Sheet_
Group 5 Score Sheet_
Judges Affidavit
Best Practices